Augment the rentability and impact of your marketing actions. Offer your client and prospects personalized videos.

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« Vidata offers a very effective solution for communicating with our customers. Each customer receives a personalized video that takes into account their own data. The results are impressive at all levels: customers are very satisfied with the attention paid to them and we have greatly improved the profitability of our communication.»

Nadia Roignant, Head of compensation service

«Vidata has enabled us to significantly strengthen the performance of Sosh sponsorship by enhancing ownership and customer engagement. The custom video feature has dramatically improved the effectiveness of our communication. »

Julie Hubert, Head of Digital Direct Business Department

Boost your marketing performance and your ROI

Today, it's no longer enough to create global content, you have to offer personalized videos to your clients. Increase your marketing and commercial impact by more than 110%.

Recruitment to reactivation: it's the entire prospect and customer life cycle that regains momentum and commitment. With videos that promote message comprehension and emotion, reach a completion rate of over 80%!

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Our solution allows you to get customized videos in an industrial way. Your text, photos, maps, and videos are integrated automatically.

At the heart of our system is a robust API that guarantees you an easy connection to all your tools (CRM, routing of emails, text messages, etc.) and exchanges via FTP. We also take care of hosting your videos and provide you with constant technical support.

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With our solution, fully exploit the power of your marketing automation tool! Just 3 steps to implement Vidata, in just 5 weeks:

  • Identification and scripting of the personalization criteria;
  • Production of the video template that will be personalized for each of your customers;
  • Connect our solution to your marketing automation.

You can now make the most of your data, and unify your teams around the personalization of videos, and therefore the knowledge of your prospects and customers.

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A very profitable solution

- Subscription to the Vidata solution

Easily customize your videos in an industrial way (from €0.08 to €0.36 per video generated according to the volume).

- Personalized accompaniment by our experts

Our software engineers supervise the commissioning. Our experts in Marketing, UX and Motion Design support you in the continuous improvement of your campaigns.

- Video production

Script, storyboard, Motion & Sound Design, voiceover: the production lasts between 3 and 5 weeks and all services are ready-made and flat-rate.

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An advisor will present you the benefits of the Vidata Solution to increase the profitability of your marketing actions and to retain your customers.

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